Electrician Telephone Wiring

Do you need help in installing your data and telephone wires? When it comes to Electrician Telephone Wiring, you can count on Joelle Electrics to provide you with fast, efficient and professional service. Take a look at our data and telephone wiring services:

New Data Wiring

Joelle Electrics can take care of all your data wiring requirements. We provide the latest in data and Ethernet wiring for your LAN (Local Area Networking) including high speed CAT 6, CAT 6a, and CAT 7 10gb Ethernet networks.

New Telephone Wiring

We install new telephone wiring in a clean and organised manner.

New Telephone Sockets

The installation of new telephone sockets in any part of your home or business is something we speciaalize in. Joelle Electrics can extend your current network and we can also move the socket to a more convenient location.

New Data Sockets

Whether you are upgrading your office set-up or building a new one, Joelle Electrics can install data sockets in any location in your home or business.

For all your data and telephone wiring needs, get in touch with Joelle Electrics today.

Electrician Telephone Wiring