Electrician Ceiling Fan Installation

Electrician Ceiling Fan Installation in Melbourne

If you require electrician ceiling fan installation or repair of your ceiling and ventilation fans, you can count on Joelle Electrics to get the job done properly and quickly. Whether it is for a home or business, Joelle Electrics have highly professional and prompt electrical technicians available to get the job done today.

Take a look at our ceiling and bathroom fan services:

Electrician Ceiling Fan Installation

Joelle Electrics provide supply and installation of new ceiling fans which are a cost-effective way of cooling and spreading cool air in your home or business. We have the latest technology and designs available and we also provide maintenance work on existing ventilation systems. If you would like to upgrade your older model ceiling fans so that you can take advantage of timer switches and multi speed controls, we have exactly what you need. As fully qualified experts, we can guide you in choosing the right size and type of fans based on your requirements.

2. Bathroom & Exhaust Fan Installations

Joelle Electrics can install exhaust fans in any room in your home or business, especially in areas that attract the most steam, moisture, and odour including the laundry room, bathroom and kitchen. Installing fans will help prevent mildew, mould, and bad odours.

3. Commercial Ventilation Fan Installations

If you own a business and are in need of a proper ventilation system, Joelle Electrics

Have expert technicians who will advice you about various commercial ventilation solutions that will meet the requirements of your building/commercial property.

4. Sub-Floor Ventilation Installations

If your home or business in Melbourne has a basement or sub-floor, then a sub-floor ventilation solution is in order. Sub-floors attract humidity and moisture, and if there is no proper ventilation in place, it will lead to infestation of rats and termites. With Joelle Electrics’ sub-floor ventilation solutions, air circulation will greatly improve.


With Joelle Electrics, you get:

Professional electricians

Joelle Electrics have fully qualified and insured electrical experts.

 Per job pricing

Our transparent pricing scheme ensures you will not be billed per hour. You will be informed of the cost before any work is undertaken.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Joelle Electrics guarantees fast, efficient and friendly service every time.

For all your ceiling and ventilation needs, get in touch with Joelle Electrics today.

Electrician Ceiling Fan Installation