Electrical Rewiring in Melbourne

Electrical Rewiring in Melbourne

Melbourne Electrical Rewiring and Switchboard Electricians

No matter where you are in Melbourne, Joelle Electrics can help you with all your switchboard and rewiring requirements. You can rely on our prompt and professional electrical teams to give you the best service which you deserve. Joelle Electrics can help you with all your switchboard and rewiring requirements. We offer:

 Switchboard Repairs

If you have noticed power supply issues with your lighting or appliances, this may be due to your faulty switchboard. In this case, our electrical experts can visit your property and diagnose the problem. Once we have obtained a professional assessment, we will recommend the appropriate solution to ensure your switchboard continues to provide you with safe and reliable power supply.

Switchboard Upgrades and New Installations

Older switchboards can be unsafe because they were not designed to handle the power requirements of the numerous appliances we use today. If you are experiencing power outages, Joelle Electrics will evaluate your property’s electrical needs and check if your switchboard needs to be repaired or replaced. Our job is to make sure your home or business has sufficient power that is delivered safely to your switchboard. We also provide the necessary steps to reduce the risk of overloading.

Capacity Upgrades

Adding new appliances and equipment to your home or business may mean that your switchboard capacity may no longer be sufficient. Joelle Electrics have expert electricians to assess a potential problem and provide the solution to ensure your switchboard has enough power to safely run your appliances and equipment.


Faulty wiring is dangerous. It will not only lead to intermittent power but it’s also a likely cause of fire. Joelle Electrics will assess the condition of your property’s wiring and perform rewiring work as needed to ensure a safe and reliable system.

Safety Switches

A safety switch can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. The same can be said for employees and customers in your business establishment. A safety switch protects everyone from potential electric shocks. Joelle Electrics can install one into your home or business to detect possible imbalances in your power supply which could inevitably lead to electrocutions. This kind of switch will shut off your power supply to protect everyone.

Usage Monitors

Usage monitors work by reducing your power consumption thereby giving you savings in your electric bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Joelle Electrics can install a usage monitor for your home or business so you can monitor your current power consumption and implement methods to save electricity and money.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

An old fuse box may no longer meet today’s safety requirements. Joelle Electrics can advise and install the most reliable circuit breakers for your home or business. With our circuit breakers, you no longer have to worry about fuse wires in the event of a power outage because you can restore power by just flicking a switch.

Safety Inspections

Joelle Electrics will evaluate your home or business to ensure that all your electrical systems are functioning properly. We will check your wiring and power supply to assess if they are compliant to the building code. As electrical experts, we can diagnose problems and provide the necessary solutions to provide utmost safety. If you are buying or selling property, then you can greatly benefit from our safety inspections.

Joelle Electrics is the best company to call for switchboard and rewiring services in Melbourne. Contact us today and a professional team of electrical experts will be happy to assist you.