Commercial Electrician

Today, more and more businesses and facilities trust Joelle Electrics to provide professional and first-class service. Whether your company requires new installations of electrical systems, electrical repairs, or upgrades, Joelle Electrics can help you.

Our commercial electrician services include:

1. Wide Range of Electrical Services

At Joelle Electrics, we offer a comprehensive range of services including but not limited to installing new sockets, increasing switchboard capacity, installing lighting fixtures, and a lot more. Joelle Electrics can also help your business meet all the electrical safety requirements and ensure energy efficiency.

2. Refitting Projects or Change of Use

If your business is changing the use of its current location/area or simply moving to a new location, Joelle Electrics can take care of fitting electrical and data requirements.

3. Telephone and Data Cabling

Joelle Electrics have highly skilled electrical teams who can take care of all your telephone and data cabling requirements. If you need to extend your current network or install new networks and sockets, we can definitely help you!

4. Lighting Needs

At Joelle Electrics, we have a wide range of lighting solutions for your business. Whether you are looking to replace your old lighting fixtures or install new ones for a start-up company, we have the right people to get the job done quickly. We also provide you a list of automated lighting solutions that are surely suitable to your needs.

5. Surge Protection

Electrical surges can pose a threat to your IT and electronic equipment. If you want to prevent damage to your very expensive equipment, Joelle Electrics have a variety of surge protection solutions.

6. Multimedia Installation and Wiring

Joelle Electrics have expert electrical installers who can set up your multimedia solutions properly.

7. Off Site Electricians

If your business needs the help of electricians during off site conventions, trade shows, fairs and product launches, Joelle Electrics can be there to ensure that your event becomes a resounding success.


Commercial Electrician